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Five Phased Approach

The Boating Industry Canada Employer of Choice (BICEOC) Award is the industry's only "Made-in-Canada" recognition for the recreational marine industry, coast to coast.
Our multi-phased approach provides one of the most robust and validated programs available. 
Phase 1, 2 and 3 are referred to as The Process. At this stage, we work closely with you to ensure all program elements are completed correctly and on time. We set you up for success!
Phase 4 is where we compile the data, evaluate the submissions and determine the winners. All participating organizations are contacted with their results within 30 days. 
Phase 5 is the branding and development phase.
Winners will be provided with multiple opportunities to promote their award through CCEOC and all media partners. We will provide you with lots of ideas to leverage your new employer of choice brand.
You now have the unique opportunity to analyze your organization using the data summary reports. Implementing a targeted action plan from the report data will help you realize significant, sustainable improvements. We also provide a Continuous  Improvement work-sheet to help you get started!
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