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Application Fee: $395



Whether you win the award or not, your summary data reports will provide the insights you need to make your workplace a top employer!

Tier One Assessment Reports: 5 - 15 Employees

The Tier One program provides an economical approach for smaller organizations to participate and still receive significant employer branding and reporting.

Tier One participants can order the more in-depth Reality Check Summary Report that shows overall survey score, category scores, individual statement scores, employee comments and action plan worksheet. This reporting tool provides detailed insights and data results from the Reality Check Survey.


Tier One Reality Check Reporting Fee:

  • 5 - 15 Employees: $700

Note: Tier One organizations have the option of participating in the Tier Two assessment if they would like to complete the larger Employee Commitment survey and receive the more detailed data summary reports. See below.


Tier Two Assessment Reports: 16 Employees or more

The BICEOC Tier Two program is designed for medium to large organizations. Participants complete the larger Employee Commitment Survey and the Tier Two Organizational Profile. Tier Two participants also have the option of choosing between the Standard Data Summary Report (your survey data) or the Standard + Benchmark Data Summary Report (your survey data plus average industry data).


1. Standard Summary Report


The Standard Data Summary Report provides all the data, graphs and employee feedback you need to gain a deeper understanding of your corporate culture and how to improve it. You will also receive an action plan worksheet and a list of comments giving you further insight into the issues that are most important to your employees.


2. Standard + Benchmark Report

The Standard + Benchmark Data Summary Report provides all your survey data information plus sector data, allowing you to compare your organization to the industry average - vital in determining how you stack up against the competition. 

Breakout Reports

Breakout reports provide a more in-depth view to make improvements across your organization. These reports break the data out by location, division, department etc. to assist with more detailed analysis and targeted action plans. Highly recommended when ordering either the Standard or the Standard + Benchmark report.  

* Plan for Continuous Improvement Worksheet

Both Tier One and Tier Two reports include the Plan for Continuous Improvement worksheet. This worksheet provides all the guidance you and your team need to start putting your improvement plans in motion.

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Tier One Reports

Tier Two Reports

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